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Floomby icon Capture screenshots of particular screen regions through configurable hotkey commands, upload them, or have them saved as PNG or JPG

Chances are you wish to share some things happening on your desktop and a picture is enough. However, you might not be able to paste it in Paint and save it, but there are a lot of other alternatives. For instance, Floomby can automatically save captured screenshots and even upload them for easy sharing.

Configure capture method hotkey commands

The program takes incredibly little time to install and it’s ready to use even without restarting your computer. The settings window shows up on launch so you can view and tweak application behavior settings. In fact, there isn’t even a solid interface to work with. The program stays minimized to the tray area, and only brings up several editing tools on demand.

Since it aims to be a respectable screenshot taking tool, it includes modes for capturing custom regions, the active window, or the entire screen. These modes can be activated by pressing configurable keys. Additionally, you can capture shots by simultaneously pressing two mouse buttons, play sound, show flash, and include cursor in screenshots.

Automatically saves or uploads screenshots

Providing clever capture options is only one part of what the application can do. Saving is also another important part which this program serves well. You can choose to have screenshots automatically uploaded to a server so you can quickly share screens with your friends or work team.

On the other hand, the application can simply copy the picture to clipboard without uploading it, but it can also automatically save captured shots to your computer either as PNG or JPG files.

Last but not least, there’s a built-in editor you can take advantage of. It allows you to draw various shapes, insert text, and more directly on the target region before saving or uploading it. You can have the editor brought up after each shot, or when requested.

In conclusion

Bottom line is that there are plenty of reasons why screenshots are important, but how you get ahold of them is also to be taken seriously. Floomby manages to help you easily configure capture methods, letting you edit them if necessary, and automatically uploading or saving them on your PC.

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Floomby was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir

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