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Qbase icon Create a new database to meet your demands regardless of the type of info you need to store, with support for media items, and more

Large quantities of information are securely stored in databases, because their structure is also easy to read in various circumstances to quickly retrieve the requested data. Regardless of the info type you need to store, Qbase comes as a powerful database management tool with a variety of customization options.

Create new entries or import from existing databases

The application takes little time to install, and you can go ahead and launch it right afterwards. Sample templates can be downloaded and used to quickly get a grip on what it has to offer. Note that .NET Framework is a mandatory requirement, but it’s usually deployed with modern Windows iterations so there’s a high chance it’s already there.

Needless to say that sooner or later you need to start adding info to your database. However, this first step can be a little tedious, especially because of the rather poor support for other database types. Even so, it’s possible to import data from existing database structures like CSV or TXT file, but also from SQL CE databases.

A great variety of customization possibilities

On the other hand, the application offer quite a degree of customization on its features. Forms and tables can be created from scratch to completely design even the visual style of the database.

A structured interface quickly gets you up and running, especially because it relies on the popular Ribbon menu. A divided side panel makes it possible to quickly manage and create folders in which to store major data entries, as well as to store database resources like categories, lists, and views.

In order to keep your information safe, the application comes with a powerful account manager. An administrator one is required, but many more others can be created and defined in terms of accessibility.

Columns and entries can be manage to create different views. There’s an advanced SQL filter which lets you use corresponding bits of code to create more filters than the default ones. Groups and totals can be created, and you can export data to Excel.

A few last words

To sum it up, Qbase comes with a decent variety of features which allows you to create a database of any kind. The initial creation process can feel a little tedious, especially because of the rather poor import options, but once you set up your categories, everything goes pretty smooth.

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Qbase was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
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