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Auto Park Alerts icon Management and Warns upon the expiration of revisions, contracts, and insurance, thus enabling you to be up to date with all of your car's documents

We need our cars because we have to go to work and because we have a car that probably means that we have no time to waste on trivial things.

While not trivial if you think about it, remembering all the payment details of your car, such as whether you paid your vignette or remember if you paid the lease can easily slip your mind.

If that is the case, then you could make use of a program like Auto Park Alerts, which keeps tabs on all the payment aspects of your car for you, and sends you reminders when something is due, or overdue.

Keep tabs on all aspects related to your car

Auto Park Alerts is an open-source desktop program that manages emails which alert you when the expiration of your vignette, insurance, casco, extinguisher or medical kit, which can work with multiple vehicles and allows you to constantly update the data for each of them.

All you need to do is input all the data related to your car, which include registration number, chassis series, warranty expiration date, lease expiration date and more.

Besides vehicle identification numbers, you can input vehicle inspection data or elements that have to do with the vignette, vehicle insurance, casco insurance and more.

Get reminders in the form of emails

Each separate tab can be set to send individual emails to your address, reminding you when a payment or expiration date is drawing near.

However, if you hate leaving things to the last minute, you can choose to receive the emails a set number of days before the actual due date, thus allowing you to either pay in advance or manage your schedule so you can make the payments.

Never be late if your car payments

While from a functionality standpoint Auto Park Alerts may not seem like much, you cannot doubt that it is surprisingly useful, especially if you're a person that is so busy you end up being behind payments with most of these car-related expenses.

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Auto Park Alerts was reviewed by Teodor Nechita

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Auto Park Alerts

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