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More and more users have started to feel the need to cut down on energy consumption, whether it is to reduce energy costs or for ecological reasons.

There are several computer tool that can be used to save energy on CRT monitors by blacking out unused areas of the screen.

Other utilities will switch off the power to the monitor whenever the PC is detected to be in idle time.

One can resort to some of these applications to manage workstations over the network, shutting down the ones that are no longer being used.

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MonitorES (formerly Monitor Energy Saver)

MonitorES (formerly Monitor Energy Saver) 1.0.1b

Automatically turn off the monitor, pause all your media programs, and set the ‘Away’ status messa...

Jan 10th 2011, 19:22 GMT
Windows All
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Granola 5.0.11

A simple-to-use application that enables you to optimize your system performance for saving CPU en...

Mar 25th 2015, 10:29 GMT
Windows All
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nysSaver 1.0 Beta

Schedule your computer to shut down in order to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill u...

Jun 19th 2009, 18:06 GMT
Windows 8 64 bit
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CRT Energy Saver

CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0

Save energy on CRT monitors by blacking out unused areas of the screen

Apr 21st 2008, 22:53 GMT
Windows All