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0 A.D. icon Control ancient civilizations and fight opponents in this real-time strategy game

Real-time strategy (RTS) is a subgenre of video games that allows you to control units and structures to secure areas of the map and destroy your enemy. It is a complex and demanding game that focuses on resource gathering, military strategy and base-building. 0 A.D. is an RTS game the focuses on ancient civilizations and their role in history.

Command your civilization and dominate your enemies

The installation process of the game is straightforward, but keep in mind that your computer must meet some hardware and software requirements. The game is extensive and uses a good amount of resources to run.

At first glance, 0 A.D. resembles Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. It was designed as a mod concept, but it has been developed as a standalone game with its own engine. The game is extensive, but it is still in its alpha phase. It does not have a campaign, some features are missing, but nonetheless, the game is playable.

A historically accurate game with new ideas

You can command either one of the civilizations between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D: Romans, Carthaginians, Celts, Greeks, Iberians, Mauryans and Persians. These are just the ones available for play, with many more to be implemented. Each one comes with their sets of units, structures and technology trees.

The gameplay is standard for RTS games: gather resources, build structures, train troops and meet the enemy on the battlefield. However, the game offers a few new ideas that might peak your interest. The concept of citizen soldiers enables you to use infantry and cavalry units to gather resources and construct buildings. On the other hand, by gaining battle experience, the military units will become more efficient on the battlefield and less useful for the economy of the game.

Another interesting feature is that the game will have technology tradeoffs. You will be able to research just one technology from a pair and the choice will be irreversible. It is a good way to customize your strategy and focus on the things you excel at.

A solid concept backed by beautifully designed graphics

The game provides a series of maps based upon real geography of the ancient world. Plants, animals and terrain look realistic and the 3D rendering is done properly. The units and buildings reflect the designs of the ancient civilizations, while the strategy part of the game receives particular attention with battle formations that increase various stats.

To summarize, 0 A.D. is a game worth playing. It is still in its infancy, but it is shaping up to be a proper RTS. You are provided with an abundance of historically accurate information and beautifully designed elements. Strategy-wise, it offers some new ideas and concepts. It is free to play, but, unfortunately, there is no release date.

Real time strategy Ancient warfare Command civilization RTS Strategy Civilization Economy

0 A.D. was reviewed by Alexandru Sasu
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