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Dungeon Defenders II - Power of the Ancients icon Defend your dungeon from hordes upon hordes of monsters by placing defensive structures and using your hero's abilities

Tower defense games became popular quite a few years ago, but standalone games have only recently started to pop up all over the place. You now have hundreds of options at your disposal, but not all of them are on the same level when it comes to quality. Hence, it’s better to look out for the games with a big and helpful community, because it’s people that keep the genre alive.

Multiplayer fun with four different heroes to choose from

Dungeon Defenders II is a tower defense/role-playing game mashup in which your primary goal is to defend certain objectives from huge waves of enemies. You can do so by placing defensive structures on the lanes, but you also have a hero under your direct control to do some hands-on damage. This hero can be customized in a multitude a ways, not to mention the ridiculous amounts of loot you receive from the fallen mobs.

To begin with, you are required to choose a hero and stick with it for as long as you can, although you can always change your mind along the way. There are four of them to pick from, each one of which is specialized on either magic, damage, or defense. You can also increase your hero’s stats each time you gain experience points, although the said points can also be spent on improving your structures.

Lay towers and enjoy the company of other players

Although you are also allowed to play the game by yourself, the real fun is in the multiplayer matches. Here, up to four players can join forces and face upgraded threats, as well as take part in daily quests and many other fun adventures. Thus, each player must do his best to place towers and defend the lanes, while splitting the loot and gaining experience from every kill.

From a technical point of view, you have to remember that the game is still in an early stage, so you might still stumble into the occasional bug. On the other hand, the experience is a lot smoother than in the great majority of Early Access games, which is a sign that the developers are doing their best. Furthermore, the graphics quality has increased a lot from the first episode as well.

Hours upon hours of fun and action

In the end, Dungeon Defenders II’s greatest strength is its replay value, because every match is different and unique. Not only that, but you always find new items to equip, and loot is one of the most engaging elements in a role-playing game. As long as the developers keep doing good work, the game should remain one of the best picks in the genre.

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Dungeon Defenders II - Power of the Ancients was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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