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Feudalism 2 icon Become the king of all king by conquering the entire world in this RPG game. Enjoy!

Feudalism 2 is a game that combines RPG with real-time strategy to deliver an interesting experience. The game takes up almost no space on your hard drive and for this reason you’ll probably be wondering how it can integrate two large game genres in such a small package.

Pick a leader then help him conquer and build an empire

The goal of the game is pretty simple, you get to choose a hero from one of six factions, build a small army in your hometown and then march across the lands in search for new cities to conquer. As you engage in more battles, your hero will gather experience, level up and eventually you will be able to learn special skills that will aid you in battle.

You can also purchase new weapons and gear for your hero, sell your spoils of war and train armies. Moreover, you can shape your character by manually assigning stat points but you can also design an entirely new leader.

Graphics, as basic as they get

Feudalism 2 is able to cram up a lot of content into it because it uses very simple graphics, the likes of which you would expect to see in a small Flash puzzle game and not one where you have to create large armies and conquer vast lands.

For this reason, you shouldn't expect much excitement during large scale battles as the animations are rather poor and at times, comical. A nice feature about the game is that in a battle between armies you get to control your hero, fight whoever you want and use the special skills you acquire along the campaign.

Interesting concept but not that appealing

All-in-all, Feudalism 2 has at its core a very good concept. It manages to intertwine two genres in a way that should captivate but due to the poor graphics, you might just close it after a few minutes.

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Feudalism 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila on Sep 16th, 2014
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