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PC Building Simulator icon Build your dream computer and learn how to deal with various PC parts in this interesting simulator

Computers used to be a lot more restrictive back in the day, which is why very few knew how to handle them when they acted out. However, things got a lot simpler in the meantime, which is why every gamer is now able to put a PC together from individual parts. Granted, it still requires a bit of experience, but definitely not as much as it did in the past.

Build a powerful computer from scratch

PC Building Simulator is an interesting game that allows you to put your knowledge to the test, or even learn a few things about what it takes to put a computer together from scratch. The game is far from finished at this point, on the other hand, so don’t expect a lot of complexity in terms of gameplay mechanics. However, there’s definitely a lot of potential here if the developers keep at it.

To begin with, you start with an empty case and an inventory full of components that must be placed inside the case. There’s a career mode planned, as the main menu hints, but at the moment there’s only a tutorial mode available. However, you can try most of the game’s features in the tutorial, even if there’s not a lot of content in there right now.

Buy new parts to get the most performance

Every PC enthusiast knows that there’s always room for an upgrade if you have the necessary cash, and so is the case in the game at hand. Although you have an inventory of components that should be enough to build a computer, you can order more parts online and increase its power. However, there’s a very limited number of parts at the moment, which is kind of a bummer.

There’s also no way of testing your rig, nor benchmark its performance to see how well you have done. Hence, it feels a bit pointless, even if it’s quite fun to play with computer parts and not worry about breaking them. It would also be nice for the game to feature a more helpful interface and easier controls, because at the moment you have to open the inventory using a hard-to-reach hotkey every time you want to place another part.

A promising concept that’s not quite there yet

All in all, PC Building Simulator might just be the kind of game that attracts huge crowds, but definitely not right now. Hence, it needs more content and a better interface for that to happen, so keep your excitement in check for a while.

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PC Building Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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