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Passenger Train Simulator icon Drive trains and take them to destination in time while watching out for the safety of your passengers

Being a train conductor is probably a lot less exciting than you imagine it as a kid, but it’s still a pretty cool job if you continue to love trains after you grow up. However, it can also be quite dangerous, depending on the track you drive on and the type of load you transport. Hence, carrying a few hundred people around can be quite stressful.

Make it to the next station in time

Passenger Train Simulator is an arcade simulator that allows you to experience the thrill of being a train conductor without having how to handle though controls. In fact, the only thing that matters in this game is how fast you are going and whether you can stop in time for the next station. You can get the gist after a few minutes of gameplay, but there are always ways to improve yourself.

In short, the game is split into multiple missions, and each mission is actually a train route you must complete before the next mission is unlocked. The first few levels are quite simple, at least after you learn the basics, but things get a lot tougher later on when you have to deal with more demanding tracks. The time limits decrease as well, which puts additional pressure on you.

Simple, yet decent graphics quality

Your job is to accelerate and brake as smoothly as possible, because it’s important to move quickly and cover a lot of ground in very little time, but it’s also important to avoid derailment in tight turns. On top of that, you must also make sure that you stop in time when a station approaches, even if it actually takes just a few meters if you activate the brakes at full power.

As for the graphics, the game looks pretty cheap and old, but then again it’s designed to be enjoyed by anyone on almost any computer. Despite that, the trains are pretty detailed, and you can actually enjoy your ride if you stop nitpicking. On the other hand, the landscape is a bit too barren and featureless most of the time, which is a bit of a bother.

The perfect way to quickly take your train fix

All in all, there are far better and more complex train simulators than Passenger Train Simulator out there, but this one offers something most do not: accessibility. Hence, if you do not mind its simplicity and lack of attention to detail, this can keep you busy for quite some time.

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Passenger Train Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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