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Survarium icon An MMOFPS that pitches you into a post-apocalyptic world where you must fight for your faction's survival

Survarium, a first-person shooter that draws its inspiration from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series but comes with MMO specific gameplay and features. It’s wrapped in some pretty good graphics and pushes forward multiple game modes, a very large amount of gear and even a bit of skill building that’s specific to the RPG genre.

Really well crafted levels that might as well be a sniper’s delight

Currently Survarium features team versus team battles with a PvE mode promised to come sometime in the close future. The game has been in the works for quite a long time and it still has to go a long way in terms of polishing.

However, for now, the game is pretty solid as far as gameplay is concerned. Two teams of eight players will battle for domination on a variety of environments that depict a post-apocalyptic world. Whoever designed the maps did a good job, they’re well structured and offer exactly what you want in balanced battlefields.

In Survarium having the high ground is invaluable. For those who excel with weapons built for sharpshooting, most of the maps in this game are perfect for sniping enemies from well hidden locations. The fear of getting shot out of the blue makes you take your time, scan the area and tread carefully. That, along with the gloomy atmosphere really do point out the idea of survival.

Gameplay that’s really good at its core but the business model might be a problem

At the time, Survarium is offered as a free-to-play game but there is the issue of microtransactions. The game provides plenty of choices when it comes to weapons and weapon types, clothing and other stuff that goes into character customization. Unlike in most MMOs in Survarium the clothes you put on your back really do influence your character’s stats and in-game performance.

The above is not a problem but for those with a bit of extra (real life) cash to spend, that can throw a lot of people’s game off track. Earning in-game credits is done with comfortable ease but somehow the business model for the game might turn out to be a poorly implemented one.

It’s good, but we need it to be great

Summing things up, the said and unsaid, Survarium is by all means a good game. In terms of graphics, atmosphere, audio and gameplay, it’s on the right track but there is a lot of polishing to be done. It needs to bring something new to the table.


Survarium was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
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