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World of Warships Online Client icon A game that pitches you right in the middle of some very intense naval battles of epic proportions

World of Warships, take on the challenge of surviving and emerging victorious in realistic fleet battles that look and feel great. WoWS is an MMO brought to you by the same people responsible for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, and it works around the same gameplay style except you battle in the open blue seas.

It’s exhilarating down to the last gun fire

After you play World of Tanks you might get the feeling that World of Warships might not rise to the occasion, that it might not be as exciting as the tank squad battles. I had that feeling up until the very first battle when that epic soundtrack just got a hold of me. From the first seconds you hear that majestic music, it’s all engines at full power, guns ready.

Like in WoT, you have to defeat the enemy vessels using your wits, split second decision making, tactical oversight, shooting skills, and a lot of pure luck. Starting from the moment you see the first enemy ship and open fire until the last enemy starts to sink, World of Warships gets a hold of you.

There’s something fantastic about seeing the projectiles coming your way as you realize that your ship can’t avoid them. You pray you won’t get hit and after two direct hits, still left afloat, you open fire and enjoy seeing how you piece the enemy armor and set their ships on fire. It’s quite the experience considering that the easy to pick up gameplay and dynamic nature of it all are backed up by an epic soundtrack and great visuals.

No two battles are ever the same, but they’re always awesome

Even at the helm of the first two ships, the lowest tier, it’s great to hear the sounds the guns make when fired or when enemy projectiles come screeching at you, only to drop a few feet into the ocean. Each combat scenario is different in terms of how maps look and the composition of your fleet.

World of Warships offers dozens of ships to choose from, each one upgradable, different, and more beautiful as they get expensive to buy. While on the issue of buying, you can purchase everything from ships to upgrades and research using in-game currency. World of Warships does offer a premium plan for those who can afford it, as do most free to play MMOs.

The great thing about World of Warships is that you will never feel like you’re pitched against paying players who easily obliterate you in one shot. Like in WoT, matchmaking is excellently balanced.

Simply put, it’s great and nothing less

To wrap it up, World of Warships is a game that will appeal to those who have a thing for big bad ships with loud and powerful guns. The gameplay can get a bit tedious at some point, maybe, since you’re doing the same thing every time, but it almost never feels that way.

World of Warships is exciting, good looking, totally free, exciting again and a pleasure to play.

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World of Warships Online Client was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
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