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Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands Demo icon After a plane crash, you have an entire island to explore in order to survive and maybe find a way out

Survival is a hot genre at the moment, and it has been for the last couple of years. Developers have come up with many interesting mechanics lately, especially in terms of crafting and world generation. In fact, procedural generation is almost the most important element, because this allows players to keep having fun for hours on end without getting bored of the maps in the process.

Explore a dangerous world and survive its perils

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands is a first-person survival game with block-based graphics and an emphasis on crafting and exploration. Although it looks a lot like Minecraft or similar games, there’s not as much digging involved in this one, because most of your time is spent walking around the map, dealing with enemies and crafting ever more powerful weapons.

The main character is the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash, and it would appear that the crash took him to some kind of fantasy world full of interesting creatures, including dinosaurs, undead monsters and even Vikings. You can use shelters to protect yourself from some of these enemies, but the main goal is to explore and find out more about the strange islands.

Block-based graphics and colorful environments

As mentioned before, crafting plays a crucial role in the grand scheme of things, because you can build many things for yourself, including all sorts of weapons and items. The weapons come in many varieties as well, depending on whether you want to get close to your enemies or blast them from afar. Hunting is important if you want to survive as well, since the activity provides you with precious food for your character.

Lastly, the map design is pretty decent as well, depending on what you expect from the genre. The game looks a lot like Minecraft in many aspects, especially since everything is made out of blocks, but the colors are a tad livelier. Not much can be said about the sound, unfortunately, but at least it’s not overly annoying, which is good news.

A promising survival game for the fans of the genre

All in all, Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands is definitely a tantalizing concept, especially if you are bored of everything else out there. It may not be entirely original, but at least it tries a few new things in terms of gameplay and exploration.

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Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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