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IIN icon Test your wits while enjoying a relaxing soundtrack with this seemingly simple yet highly addictive puzzle-platformer game

Slaying giant monsters, drag racing while being chased by the cops and shooting your enemies from half a mile with a sniper rifle is fun and all, but there comes a time when you want to play something more relaxing and mentally challenging.

IIN is a puzzle-platformer game based on the whimsical forces of nature that will take up hours of your time without you even noticing.

A game worth trying before judging it

At first, you may ask yourself what exactly makes this game so special as opposed to all the other similar platformers or puzzle games out there, but you'll find your answer as soon as you finish the tutorial.

Some of you may not even need to start playing the game, since the OST may be enough to get you hooked, since it is there for a reason: not to distract you from the challenges that await you.

The overall visuals are made to be minimalistic and undistractive, but in a way that may stir the imagination into making you believe it is way more than it is.

Challenge yourself in this ever-evolving test of wits

A mistake that you should avoid is judging the game based on the tutorial since it is not all about moving a cube from one place up to its checkpoint. It requires strategy, thinking beforehand, and sometimes a lot of respawns before you can get the later levels done.

While some cubes can jump and move, some can only be used to cross obstacles, or be used as weights to trigger certain environmental effects and changes.

The physics engine is pretty realistic too, as objects tha fall on top of one another will twist, tumble and fall in a way that will make you think you are looking at actual cubes.

A platformer that hides a lot beneath the surface

IIN is a pleasant surprise if you're used to the same old puzzle games that ask you to get from point "A" to point "B," as some missions will make feel as if they are quests on their own.

All in all, IIN is a great addition to your gaming library, especially if you pride yourself on sharp wits and a desire for challenge.

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IIN was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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