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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 Demo icon New animations and a few gameplay improvements come to PES as the series receives its annual full-priced update

In order for a game franchise to remain successful over the years it must constantly be improved, as well as try to innovate on a regular basis and offer the players many reasons to come back time and again. However, it’s much easier to take advantage of your reputation and forget all about quality, because inertia can keep the series going for a while until everyone realizes that everything has gone downhill.

A few gameplay improvements are a difficult to notice

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the annual update of the popular series developed by Konami, and it would appear that the studio has stopped caring about the PC version a long time ago. Hence, you can tell from the first minute of gameplay that no one has bothered to make the game look like it belongs in 2016, given the fact that the graphics are sub-par even for five years ago.

There are, however, a handful of gameplay improvements that might make you curious, although these are obviously not worth the full price of the game. Hence, the players are much more responsive to your input, and they also make it easier to respond in certain situations because they are aware of many more parameters that surround them.

Old graphics and adaptive AI

The artificial intelligence has received an update as well, even if that’s not exactly the most important part of a soccer sim. In essence, the adaptive AI learns on the go by watching you play, which allows it to construct its strategies based on your style. It’s a neat addition to the series, but it’s not exactly what the game needed to please the fans, because there are plenty of other problems that need immediate attention.

One of them is the graphics quality, because Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is downright horrible in this regard, especially if you compare it to the newly released FIFA 17. The differences are almost too great to believe, especially since FIFA makes use of all the latest technology when it comes to post-processing effects and DirectX. On the other hand, PES looks exactly like three years ago, or even worse in certain regards.

Another year won by EA SPORTS and FIFA

When it’s all said and done, it must be acknowledged that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 fails in almost every regard, or at least the PC version does. It’s quite a shame, really, because a decade ago PES was actually ready to dethrone FIFA and provide players with an authentic soccer simulation.

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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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