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Capsa icon If you enjoy exploration for some reason or another you cannot do it in real life, then you should definitely try Capsa

While a lot of players out there like to play a game where they pick up a virtual gun, sword or book of spells to obliterate the enemies, and stake their claim on the world, there are those of us that call themselves "social animals" that prefer to just get together and chat.

As such, even social games where all you do is talk and explore the environment are popular, especially for those of us that are mellow, or at least tired from blood, bullets and arcane rituals.

One game from this genre is Capsa, and it does an amazing job at bringing people together in an impressively beautiful environment.

An immersive world for players anywhere

One thing worth mentioning before anything else is that this game can also run with aVR device, which would make the 3D experience all the more believable.

However, for those that are not a fan of such devices, you'll be glad to know that this game can be run as a 3D exploring game with a third-person view.

Explore on your own or with friends

The game currently supports both singleplayer and multiplayer game mods, and there is no difference between the two except for the presence of other players.

After selecting the game mode, you then have to choose the map you want to join which range from deserted island to tropical resorts for late night Carribean partying.

Regardless of what you choose, you will be in for quite of a handful, since regardless of the map you choose, you'll have a lot to explore, and you'll always find something new and exciting.

Of course, such giant maps could be daunting explore by foot, so Capsa offers a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, and you can turn your explorations into makeshift races to an objective.

A strong sense of social interaction

The game itself has no objective to fulfill, as all you have to do is explore and talk to others, which in itself becomes a non-scripted objective of the game.

The social aspect of the game is quite strong since the ever-expanding character customization offers you the freedom to create something unique, expressing your personality and taste.

If you feel like you could use a nudge to start the mood, vibrant dance clubs provide the perfect venue for everyone to enjoy music while strutting their stuff on the dance-floor or just hanging out together.

Nearly a second life

Your avatar isn't the only thing you can create within the game, as customized homes can be claimed and decorated using the variety of options available.

More so, if the player base isn't satisfying, yet the sense of loneliness still lingers, you'll enjoy the company of friendly pets that tag along on every adventure and can be tailored to appeal to your taste.

A bit of a resource consumer

While the beautiful graphics and size of the maps may be a clue to just how beefy o a computer system you may need to run the game well, you should know that it would be recommended you have the game installed on an SSD.

Since there is a lot of data to be loaded when entering a new map, which can lead to waiting times of several minutes, depending on the map chosen.

A great way of making friends

While nothing beats real life, Capsa is extremely close to emulating the same sense that actual exploration and socializing gives you. The vibrant and believable 3D world is a wonder to gaze upon, and you will never grow tired of what you can find on all the maps.

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Capsa was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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