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Dead Dungeon icon Dead Dungeon - is a hardcore 2D platformer in the best traditions of classic games, with an excellent chiptune soundtrack.

While today's video cards can run games that make you question whether you are surrounded by reality or a great simulation, there's no denying that nothing will ever beat the feeling playing a good old platformer.

The camera angle allows for beautiful graphics without putting too much strain on your PC's resources, due to the limited elements the PC has to render.

But most importantly, platformers have a special place in our hearts due to being the first games to ever appear on electronic devices.

Pixel graphics beat 3D anytime

If you've ever played any of the entries within the Super Meat Boy saga, then you'll love Dead Dungeon. This neat and simple looking platformer will get you cursing the day you were born with the hight difficulty curve, as well as the numerous ways you can kick the bucket.

You died

The game is quite challenging even for experienced players, since the protagonists' movements are quite sudden, and most of the times you'll die due to not properly calculating a jump. More so, merely touching an enemy will make your character explode in a show of pixelated gore, while also teleporting you back at the beginning of the level. This makes the game extra challenging, and it is near impossible to finish a mission without dying at least two or three times.

You'll die even more

Each level becomes progressively harder, unlocking new traps, harder to reach objectives, more dangerous foes and so forth, so if you aren't the type with nerves of steel, your keyboard will probably flying out the window soon enough. Another element worth mentioning is that all levels are timed, so completionists will play the game, even more, trying to beat their score again and again.

A challenging game nonetheless

Dead Dungeon deserves its namesake since you'll probably be dead most of the time while playing the game, so if you hate losing or dying in-game, you might as well try something more casual.

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Dead Dungeon was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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