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Path of Exile icon A fast-paced hack'n'slash game that allows you to create a truly unique character

The Hack'n'Slash genre made its way into our hearts in the early 2000's with titles like Diablo, and it seems like it has a solid foundation and is here to stay for a very long time.

Since then, many titles have emerged trying to capitalize on that success all while using the same basic principles.

One such title that stands out compared to the rest by a long shot is Path of Exile, a 3D hack'n'slash game that features progressively generated content and an epic storyline that puts other games to shame.

Beautiful graphics in a wonderfully designed world

The game features beautifully rendered 3D graphics and particle effects, making it pure eye candy, even when your screen is filled with tens of enemies that you are either freezing, burning or shocking alive!

And the best part is that these graphics don't need a powerful GPU to back them up, as the game seemed to work excellently even on a laptop with an integrated graphics card.

As for the environment's design, the game creators have reached new heights with the wonderfully crafted environments that spans several areas, themes, and art styles.

Create a truly unique hero

Strictly from a story point of view, choosing one character over another will not affect the story's progression, only that you will have different reactions from certain NPCs.

However, from a gameplay point of view, choosing the starting character is pretty much half of the game itself.

A skill progression tree like never before seen

Unlike typical RPGs where you choose a class archetype, and then you can specialize in what you want to do based on the points you invest in specific skills, Path of Exile features a skill tree that is available to all classes and characters.

Allocating skill points is done similarly as all other RPGs, with you receiving one extra point each time you progress an extra character level.

A skill tree like never before seen in any other RPG

The skill tree itself is massive, to say the least, boasting several hundred skills and enhancements for you to customize your character with.

However, the tree has areas dedicated to particular themes (melee combat, ranged combat, magic, summoning, etc.) and choosing a specific character will allow you to start in a different area of the tree.

This means that while any character can eventually become any type of class, taking advantage of the skills that you are already placed near to will undoubtedly give you an edge.

From zero to hero

You start as a mere prisoner that has washed ashore a decrepit zombie-infested beach, and you end up to be the hero to save the entire realm.

While this synopsis may seem like the typical fantasy story you see in all RPGs, the quest itself, the enemies you face, the places you visit and the quests you must fulfill will indeed make it feel like you are part of something larger, and not just a mindless grind-fest.

A game that deserves its place in the Hack'n'Slash hall of fame

Path of Exile brings so many new features at the table that the similarities between it and the titles it was inspired from seem to fade into oblivion.

The beautiful graphics that don't devour your GPU's processing power are also a welcome addition considering not everyone can afford the latest rigs.

This, along with the neat skill tree that is so complex it would be impossible to create the same character twice, and the progressively generated content give it a high rate of replayability.

All things considered, Path of Exile deserves a spot in any self-proclaimed gamer's digital library.

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Path of Exile was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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