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Unturned icon If you love the survival-horror element of Minecraft, then you should definitely give this voxel survival game a shot

Many games capitalize on the success of other titles, trying to emulate what they had while giving a personal twist to it.

This is also the case with Unturned, which is a voxel zombie survival game that borrows many elements from titles such as Minecraft, while focusing on the zombie survival part, and throwing in some modern technology to work with.

Stay unturned

The game itself doesn't have a story except for the part that most of the population has been turned to zombies and that you are among the few survivors left.

You have to learn to survive, by building structures, farming for food and eventually go berzerk among hordes of zombies and mow them down with a few machine gun salvos.

Or you can take the stealth approach, as there are many tips and trick to avoiding the zombies, from sneaking around to hiding behind corners.

Fight not only zombies but mother nature also

Being bitten and eaten alive by zombies isn't the only way you can die since the health bar isn't the only thing you have to look out for.

Hunger and low temperatures can also get you, so you have to constantly look for food, or warm shelters during blistering cold weather.

Hunger, however, can be easily combated, but you have to constantly forage for fruits in the forest, hunt animals, go fishing, or plant your crops if you prefer the more sustainable way.

Not everyone that isn't a zombie is your friend

In a world where law and order are no longer applied, some players may choose the path of the highwayman and prey on the resources of other players.

However, if you do choose to cooperate with others, you can team up with players and help the local friendly NPCs in building a new society together.

Build massive structures to survive

Building is another element that you'll love about Unturned, since you can build massive strongholds fortified with barricades.

Of course, the building elements don't limit themselves to just structures since you can also build your vehicles for land, air or sea.

Enjoy massive environments

The game offers a few maps to explore, but they are massive in scale, and given the complete sandbox nature of the game, you'll feel like you're playing in an actual world.

The voxel graphics also help since rendering these giant maps will take little to no toll on your system's resources.

A great alternative to Minecraft

While the graphics may be a turn-off for some, fans of the voxel genre will be thrilled with this title and all the things you can do it its cubic post-apocalyptic world.

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Unturned was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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