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World of Warplanes Online Client icon An action-packed MMO game that lets you relive the golden era of military aviation

World of Warplanes is the third brother from the Wargaming family, alongside World of Tanks and World of Warships. This one takes its players up high, where things get complicated by a lot, in comparison to the other two.

The same game concept but tougher to master

Compared to WoT and WoWS, in World of Warplanes you’ll have to worry about a whole lot more than going straight, making a left turn, aiming and firing. This time it’s about aerial combat, and it takes a lot more focus and skill to make an impact in the outcome of a battle.

World of Warplanes is just as fun as the other two, minus the epic music but takes twice as long to master. Flying isn’t all that simple, although the developers have made the controls as basic as possible, making way to anyone who wants to play it. A battle in World of Warplanes is entirely different than one in any of its siblings. While in the air, you need to fly, aim, watch out for two or three planes firing at you, avoid ground AA guns and of course, not make sure you don’t smash into a mountain or crash into the ocean.

However, for the serious gamer, or aircraft enthusiast, all of that is welcomed and appreciated. And when it comes to the latter, appreciation, there is a lot of it to give.

Not necessarily as exhilarating as the others

For some reason, World of Warplanes doesn’t quite cut it for me. Part of that is because the atmosphere doesn’t seem all that epic. The battles are three times more dynamic than in WoT and WoWS but even so, something’s missing. I for one ‘blame’ the lack of uplifting music and crisper sound effects. They seem a bit too mellow.

Apart from the atmosphere, there’s not anything else worth objecting to. The graphics are excellent, for a free to play game, and it is a F2P despite the option to purchase a premium account. Anything you want to buy can be earned in-game and spent the same way.

A great choice for gamers who are passionate about the fighter planes of WWII and onward

To end, World of Warplanes is by all means great game to play. Rounds last a couple of minutes, there’s never time to get bored, there are more than enough planes to pilot and the battles will keep you close to the edge of your seat, but not right on the edge.

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World of Warplanes Online Client was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
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World of Warplanes Online Client

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