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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rise of a New Sun icon Embark on an epic journey to save the lands of Eorzea form the foul Garlean Empire

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rise of a New Sun is the role playing game that allows you to enter and explore the wonderful world that is Final Fantasy XIV in your own way, at your own pace. The game features excellent graphics, story-driven gameplay and a wide variety of unique things for you to see.

A world that patiently waits to be discovered

Form the first cutscene in the game, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn promises to be epic and you surely know that when it comes to delivery and uniqueness, the Final Fantasy franchise has yet to disappoint.

As expected, common to most MMOs, the start is rather slow. After you spend some time customizing your character, you are left in the city of Ul’dah where you will have to embark on short tutorial quests to get familiar to the NPC locations and some gameplay basics. Fortunately, this initial stage isn’t in any way tedious and you barely feel the time pass as you get to take in all the details of the city and its inhabitants.

The true visual quality of the game hits you the moment you walk out of Ul’dah for the first time. Graphics are way above great and whenever you find yourself on the edge of a cliff, you just feel the need to take a couple of seconds to take in the scenery. It’s truly beautiful.

Classic gameplay that’s extra refined

In terms of how you play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn there’s really nothing all that special to mention. The game focuses every good gameplay feature from popular MMORPGs and fuses them together under a very well polished HUD.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn it’s mostly about the fact that you’re in Eorzea, surrounded by all kinds of fascinating creatures and things left to be discovered. Those facts and the plot itself are the key elements that make you want to take another quest and then two more and so on.

A great game for the Final Fantasy and MMORPG fans in general

There is a great deal more to talk about when referring to Final Fantasy XIV: Rise of a New Sun but it’s best you discover everything by yourself. It’s without a doubt a game that will get your attention if you’re into the genre, more so if you can’t stay away from all things Final Fantasy.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rise of a New Sun was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rise of a New Sun 4.36

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