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ODIN icon Free software framework for rapid prototyping of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences in a handy graphical user interface (GUI)

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ODIN is a handy, powerful C++ software framework that can help you develop, simulate and run magnetic resonance sequences on different platforms.

ODIN is:

State-of-the-Art: It includes sequence modules for echo-planar imaging and spiral-imaging, parallel imaging with GRAPPA reconstruction, two-dimensional pulses and field-map-based distortion corrections.

Easy-to-Use: All common steps, from compiling your sequence to plotting or simulating it, can be performed within a graphical user interface.

Supported Image/Data Formats:




· GNU-Zip container for other formats

· Iris3D binary data

· JCAMP-DX data sets

· JCAMP-DX image format

· Matlab ascii 2D data matrix

· MetaImage

· NIFTI/ANALYZE, dialects: fsl

· PNG image writer

· Vista, dialects: common odin lipsia xlipsia

· Visualization Toolkit

· double raw data

· float raw data

· signed 16 bit raw data

· signed 32 bit raw data

· signed 8 bit raw data

· unsigned 16 bit raw data

· unsigned 32 bit raw data

· unsigned 8 bit raw data

· x-y positions of non-zeroes in ASCII

NOTE: Installation instructions for Mac OS X can be found in the INSTALL.TXT file inside the archive.

Develop MRI Magnetic resonance sequence MRI simulation Develop Simulate MRI Magnetic resonance

ODIN 2.0.3

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Thies H. Jochimsen
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