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DB Browser for SQLite icon Small open source application designed to further simplify the process of creating, browsing, editing and managing SQLite database files without using SQL commands

SQLite is probably one of the most popular database management systems among developers that need to embed different databases in the application software. This is achievable because SQLite is a RDBMS contained within a C programming library embedded in the client application.

Support for creating and editing SQLite databases without using SQL

Moreover, Database Browser for SQLite is a small open source application designed to further simplify the process: it offers you the possibility to create, browse, edit and manage SQLite database files without using SQL commands.

Additionally, Database Browser for SQLite provides a clean, organized and intuitive interface that enables you to work on your databases using familiar tools.

As a result, it is not required to memorize or learn how to use the SQL command line tools, making the SQLite Database Browser app also accessible to end users, not only developers.

User-friendly interface that gives you fast and easy access to all the app's features

Database Browser for SQLite's main window provides quick access to the app’s basic features via the top toolbar. Here you can find buttons to create a new database, to open a database file, to save the current project or to revert an action.

Additional buttons enable you to create, delete or modify a table within a database or to generate/erase database indexes.

Furthermore, Database Browser for SQLite's interface is organized in three tabs: the Database Structure (where you can create and edit your database structure), the Browse Data panel (allows you to create/delete records and perform searches) and the Execute SQL area (you can run SQL strings and visualize the returned data).

Open source and multi-platform SQLite database manager and editor

Also worth mentioning is that Database Browser for SQLite can import and export data to and from SQL database files but is also able to work with CSV files. In addition, the Database Browser for SQLite app allows you to view the log of SQL commands issued both by the user and the application.

All things considered, Database Browser for SQLite will prove to be a very useful application whenever you want to browse, create or modify SQLite databases without having to deal with SQL commands.

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DB Browser for SQLite was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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DB Browser for SQLite 3.10.1

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