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Lotto Sorcerer icon A macOS application that analyses lottery drawings and then applies a predictive technology to find new patterns and influences.

Some theories state that since lottery drawings are mechanical in nature, the results are not truly random and are influenced by physics. Lotto Sorcerer is a macOS application based on this theory that uses a predictive technology to identify hidden patterns and create better strategies.

Download details for over 600 lotteries

To be able to produce relevant results, Lotto Sorcerer requires historical information about the lottery you are currently analyzing. For your convenience, Lotto Sorcerer comes with a Lottery Setup Wizard that allows you to browse the already defined lotteries.

Lotto Sorcerer comes with a large database of over 600 built in lotteries: simply select the country that interests you and then specify the lottery you want to analyze. The application will then quickly download all the available past drawings. Furthermore, Lotto Sorcerer offers you the possibility to quickly set up virtual lotteries.

In the Lotto Sorcerer main window you will be able to browse the drawing history for the currently selected lottery.

Analyze the statistics for each drawing

At the same time, if you click on a specific entry, Lotto Sorcerer automatically displays statistical information, such as the arithmetic / harmonic / truncated / winsorized mean, standard deviation, population standard deviation, and more.

In addition, you can also input your own numbers, analyze the statistical results and even add them to the database.

Lotto Sorcerer analyzes the available information and than creates projections taking into account the available data.

Proof of concept app for lottery drawings capable of generating projections

Moreover, you can apply various filters to adjust the projection accuracy: you can adjust the neural analysis depth, the assertion or rejection filters, the limitation deviation and more.

Lotto Sorcerer is a user friendly application that can download historical data for more than 600 different libraries, applies different filters and neural analysis algorithms, and then provides possible projections.

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Lotto Sorcerer was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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Lotto Sorcerer 9.0.2

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