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Red Crucible: Firestorm icon Prove your shooting and survival skills as you try to take down your enemies by using a wide range of powerful weapons and vehicles

Red Crucible: Firestorm is a challenging online multi-player game that comes with 3D graphics and offers you the possibility to have fun by fighting infantry style or by using different vehicles.

To play Red Crucible: Firestorm you need to register for a free account within the game or you can play as guest. In addition, via the Unity Web Player, you may also choose to play Red Crucible in your default web browser.

If you choose to create a Red Crucible: Firestorm account, you will be able to personalize your character: you can buy weapons, medical kits, proximity mines, grenades, artillery strike, air strike and much more. You may also set up the primary and secondary weapons or buy head protection and vests.

Red Crucible: Firestorm's Menu window offers you the possibility to browse all available servers, to keep tabs on your friends and send them private messages or to visualize your profile statistics (personal/team wins and losses and your experience level). In the Mail panel you can read general notification while in the Leaders tab you can view the global player’s ranks.

To get started simply browse the games list and join one of the available servers. On entering the server you must select your team (depending on the game mode) and then you can go on and use your weapons to prove your combat skills.

A Red Crucible: Firestorm match can have up to 20 players and there are 6 arenas designed to accommodate different types of combat modes: vehicle, infantry or air.

There are 6 game modes: Survivor, Search & Destroy, Territories, TDM: Resources, TDM: Armor, and Conquer. Moreover, there are 4 player classes: assault, support, sniper or demolitions.

Red Crucible: Firestorm is a nice first person shooter game which you can play online, with your friends or with complete strangers. Due to the extensive weapon collection and vehicles that can be used, the entire experience can prove to be quite entertaining.

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Red Crucible: Firestorm was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan on Feb 13th, 2018

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Red Crucible: Firestorm 1.6.4p6

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