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Vallum icon Unobtrusive firewall utility that can be used to control the TCP and UPD connections initiated by applications running on your Mac

Vallum offers you the possibility to control if and when applications or services running on your system connect to the internet. This way, you can block unsolicited connections and increase your security level.

Firewall application that comes with multiple filtering options

To help you get started, Vallum comes with 6 custom configuration strategies, each featuring its own objectives: Default (silent, pass all), Blind (silent, no apps icons, pass all), Jail (silent, pass all except jailed apps), Block Everything (silent), Apps need permission to connect (extremely verbose), and Some Apps need permission to connect (verbose).

Depending on your settings, Vallum can log all the apps that connect to the internet, and even display notifications for connection attempts. You have the option to review the connection logs, and even add certain locations to the exclusion list to streamline the filtering procedure.

Create custom filters for managing the internet connections established by your apps

Vallum will display all the controlled applications in the main settings window, and comes with its own code designed to help the user identify at a glance the status of each app.

As a result, you get to recognize the utilities that have access to the internet, need permission to connect or are completely blocked. You also get to see the ones that are signed with an invalid signature or not signed at all, that are subjected to rules that are about to expire, and so on.

If you are choosing to use one of the verbose configuration strategies, Vallum will display a notification each time an app tries to establish a connection. Note that your rules do not have to be permanent: you can grant access only for the current session, or for the next 10 minutes.

Vallum can also connect with the Murus application and help you handle the connection at network level with the same ease. Worth mentioning is that Vallum allows you to save your settings to custom profiles, so you can juggle between various configurations with ease.

Control the internet connections established on your Mac and protect yourself against data leaks

Vallum proposes various solutions for filtering and regulating the TCP and UPD connections used by applications and services running on your Mac computer.

The Vallum utility comes with an unobtrusive workflow and allows you to rely on predefined configurations while also enabling you to create your own.

The custom configurations can be saved as presets within the app, but you can also export the Vallum configuration to a file and load it again anytime you want.

Keep in mind that, if your want to correctly remove the Vallum application from your system, you must navigate to the app's About panel and make use of the built-in uninstall tool.

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Vallum was reviewed by Iulia Ivan

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Vallum 3.0.1

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