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BetterBatteryStats icon BetterBatteryStats is a powerful application for Android that allows users to monitor how the battery is being used by the operating system and apps.

One of the problems on Android is that some apps and even functions of the operating system consume a lot of battery power, which means that it will drain fasters. Many of these problems are not transparent, and users might not even know that they have them.

BetterBatteryStats is an application that requires root access from Android 4.4 and upward. It allows users to analyze the behavior of the phone, identify the apps that drain the battery, and measure what effect some of the actions would have.

Finding rogue apps that misbehave or that have various profiles which keep draining the battery power is really easy, and anyone can do it.

  For more information on downloading BetterBatteryStats to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Find the apps that drain your battery
  • Close apps that misbehave
  • Improve the battery life for your device

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