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Facebook Groups icon Facebook Groups is an app that gives users a dedicated space for them and their groups of friends or collaborators.

The ability to collaborate with other people at projects or just to hand out is a feature requested and used by more and more people. Facebook Groups brings this option to users that need it, and it provides some interesting features as well.

With Facebook Groups, it’s possible to create a group for any reason, users can post photos and links, and stay in touch, and they can collaborate on various projects. These groups are really useful for family and friends, for coworkers, for organizations, for school, and for companies.

Facebook Groups is an entirely free app, and it integrates very well with the regular Facebook and Messenger apps.

  For more information on downloading Facebook Groups to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Create and manage groups of people
  • Use the application for work or private life
  • Share files with multiple people at once
  • Collaborate on projects with your co-workers

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