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Facebook Lite icon Facebook Lite is the slimmed down version of the Facebook app, and it’s designed to work on older or less powerful Android devices.

The full Facebook experience can be a little bit too much for some of the devices that are in use today, so developers have provided users with a version that it’s a lot lighter, but which also has fewer options. The upside is that it can be installed on pretty much anything that runs Android, no matter the version.

Also, another advantage of the Facebook Lite app is that it uses less mobile data, so it doesn’t have such a big impact on the user’s Internet plan. It’s specifically designed to work with 2G networks (EDGE), and it occupies a lot less space on the phone.

The downside of the application is that is a lot less smooth than the full version, and it’s really obvious on more powerful devices.

  For more information on downloading Facebook Lite to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • The application takes a lot less space on devices
  • Facebook Lite runs on less powerful hardware
  • Less Internet data is being used
  • It’s designed to 2G networks
  • The app loads much faster than the regular Facebook application

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