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Workplace icon Workplace is an application from Facebook that aims to implement some features found in the social network into an internal app designed for companies.

Many of the features that are present in the regular Facebook app are ideal for enterprise settings. Aspects such as collaborations or sharing are essential among employees, and Facebook made it happen.

The new Workplace application from Facebook is free, and it’s only available for some companies. The idea is to connect all the people working in a business under a single roof, in a sort of internal social network that encourages people to work together.

Getting updates from Workplace works just like in Facebook, and posting new content is identical. This means that anyone who has used Facebook before will be able to stars using the new app.

  For more information on downloading Workplace to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Stay in touch with your coworkers
  • Get updates from people working in the company
  • Post things of interesting on the Workplace wall
  • Let people know what you think and want with just a single post

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