Amber Rose Is Done with Talking About Kanye West, the Kardashians

Watch What Happens Live segment went viral because she was the worst celebrity guest ever on Plead the Fifth

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Amber Rose is ok with bringing up her past, particularly her famous ex Kanye West and his current wife Kim Kardashian, but only when she does it, so it can happen on her own terms. Earlier this week, she talked to Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and officially became the worst guest ever, on the segment Plead the Fifth.

She tells Jenny McCarthy on her radio show (audio is available at the link, but *please be advised discretion is recommended because of graphic language that might offend), that she was frustrated with how the interview progressed.

Let bygones be bygones

Amber started out as an exotic dancer, became a video vixen and then caught the eye of rapper Kanye West, whom she dated for 2 years, starting with 2009. Until recently, she was married to another rapper, Wiz Khalifa, with whom she has a son.

Before Amber Rose was famous for being Amber Rose, she was famous for the men she dated. Obviously, that’s something she believes should be left in the past where it belongs.

Amber has a new book out now and she stopped by Cohen’s show to promote it. During the Plead the Fifth segment (video below), where celebrities are asked questions and are allowed to plead the Fifth only on one of them, she repeatedly refused to engage, saying she didn’t want to talk about Kanye or the Kardashians anymore.

She believes she should have been made to talk more about the book, especially since it took her a year to complete.

“Literally from the second I walked in it was, ‘Kardashians, Kanye, Kardashians, Kanye,’” Amber tells Jenny. “I love Andy, and I understand that he has a show, like I get it. I’m not mad at him, but I would like people to understand my frustration. If you ask me about things that are actually relevant in my life, I will definitely answer those questions. Don’t ask me about [stuff] from six years ago.”

Amber will dictate what’s relevant

While it sounds like Amber is saying she doesn’t want the past dragged up again, that’s not the case, since she clearly has no trouble talking about it when she feels like it.

Her latest print interview, with GQ magazine, focused almost exclusively on her famous exes, and while she feigned outrage on social media, acting as if she was offended with the angle of the profile, her scathing post has since been deleted.

Earlier this month, she held a rally in Los Angeles, meant to show men that calling women names for the way they dress and who they date is wrong. She made a point of speaking about both Kanye and Wiz.

Amber Rose will only talk about relevant stuff in her life, but she will be the one to decide what that is.

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