Angelina Jolie and All 6 Kids Do Vogue

“By the Sea” comes out next month, stars Jolie and Brad Pitt

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Fans believe that Angelina Jolie got shut out of last year’s Oscars race with “Unbroken,” which failed to earn her a nomination for Best Director. She will have a better shot at the next edition of the prestigious awards gala, this time as a triple threat - director, writer and actress - with “By the Sea.”   

The film will start making the festival rounds next month, ahead of a limited theatrical release to qualify it for the Oscars race. Angelina and Brad have officially started promoting it, with a lengthy interview and a gorgeous photospread for the November issue of Vogue magazine.

Angelina and Brad and all 6 kids, oh my!

Shot by Annie Leibovitz, the editorial aims to show Jolie like we haven’t seen her before: the gorgeous woman slash sex symbol she’s been marketed as, and the mother of 6 adorable children and happy wife to Brad.

Angelina and Brad and the kids (3 of whom are adopted and 3 conceived naturally) don’t do too many shoots together, so naturally, when they do, it’s a huge deal. The editorial is amazing not only for this reason, but also because it offers an insight into the personal life of Hollywood’s most famous and paparazzi-hounded couple.

From the photos posted online (see the gallery below), it looks as if Brad only makes one appearance in the editorial, which remains focused on Angelina.

Since she wrote the script for the film, directed it and starred in it, it makes sense for this to happen: this is her Oscar campaign, not his.

“By the Sea” is not autobiographical

In the film, Brad and Angelina play husband and wife for the first time since doing the movie on whose set they met and fell in love, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The circumstances have changed, though: they’re no longer paid assassins but a writer and his bored wife, trying to make sense of their life together, long after they decided there is none of that left.

The film was shot on their real-life honeymoon, with Jolie admitting that it caused some friction. It is not, however, autobiographical in the least.

“It’s not autobiographical. Brad and I have our issues but if the characters’ were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film,” she tells Vogue.

In the same interview, Angelina talks about her kids and how they make sure that their adopted sons and daughter, Maddox, Pax and Zahara, stay in touch with the cultures in the countries they were born.

She also gets into her double mastectomy and the surgery to remove her ovaries to minimize the risks of getting cancer, and half-jokingly reveals that working on such a challenging movie while going through early menopause was no walk in the park.

The Jolie-Pitts in Vogue, November 2015 (7 Images)

Angelina Jolie lands the cover of Vogue, November 2015
The Jolie-Pitt family poses for Annie LeibovitzAngelina Jolie kicks off Oscar campaign with intimate photospread for VogueAngelina Jolie and the kids in Vogue
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