Annoyed Justin Bieber Walks Out of Awkward Spanish Interview

Pop star gets lost in translation while promoting new album

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Before Justin Bieber announced his comeback album, “Purpose,” there was a lot of buzz online about how his team had banned live interviews because they didn’t think his image could take any more bad press. Seeing what happened during a recent radio interview, this hardly comes as a surprise.

Bieber was in Spain the other day to promote the record, and he agreed to stop by the radio show Los 40 Principales in Madrid for a chat. It didn’t go well, ending with Bieber promptly walking out without as much as an explanation.

An awkward interview

You can see the entire exchange in the video below. Bieber was talking to 3 of the radio hosts, only one of whom spoke English at a conversational level. He also served as translator for Bieber and the other 2 hosts, but he was clearly overwhelmed by the situation.

In reality, this translated to long stretches of air time during which the hosts chatted busily in Spanish, while Bieber looked on confused, trying to kill time by sipping water and smiling absently.

At one point, you can even see him putting on his headphones, either as a distraction or because he had been instructed in this sense by his people. You can also see him looking up and over the camera, as if to a publicist signaling something at him right before he puts the headphones in.

The conversation centered on his latest single “Sorry” and the new sound on “Purpose,” and how his fans love him no matter the type of music he makes. He also discussed his record-breaking win at the recent MTV European Music Awards 2015, but seemed confused when he was asked to name another man who should win Best Male Artist in his stead.

Justin Bieber walks out

Towards the end of the interview, Bieber is seen growing more frustrated with the questions, whose point he doesn’t understand. He seems to lose all interest when the only woman at the table asks him in broken English if he has a stylist who dresses him up.

Then, when the translator suggests making a video that would “break the Internet,” Bieber nods in agreement and gets up from the chair and simply walks out. “And Justin never came back…” a note displayed at the end of the video reads, hinting that he was upset about something that had happened in the room.

People online are saying Bieber was justified to react this way, because the interviewers were unprofessional and annoying. Others insist that he should have shown a bit more professionalism and at least explain why he wanted to leave, instead of walking out without a word.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about Justin’s reaction.

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