Law firm goes after Apple for alleged manufacturing defect

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Apple is about to face another class action lawsuit
   Apple is about to face another class action lawsuit

If you’re using a MacBook or an iMac built between 2013 and 2018, there’s a good chance that your device comes with a manufacturing defect that may eventually cause hardware issues like black spots on the display, significant performance issues, and overheating.

This is according to Hagens Berman, a law firm that’s now planning to go after Apple with a class action lawsuit because Cupertino doesn’t use any dust filter on its devices.

The lack of such a component leads to issues like those mentioned above, and Hagens Berman explains that not only that Apple refuses to correct the problem, but it also charges a premium for repairs on devices that are experiencing problems caused by the dust trapped inside.

You can join too

In a statement on its website, the law firm calls for Apple customers to join the class action suit, explaining that while it doesn’t cost anything for those who decide to be part of this effort, the company may eventually be forced to reimburse users for the cost of repairs.

“iMac and MacBook owners have reported dark smudges and spots on the interior of the screens of their desktop computers as well as excessive slowness and break downs of their computers related to the lack of filter on Apple computers,” the law firm says.

“The computer intakes air to cool its components, but with no filter, dust gets trapped inside. This affects the screen and logic board of the computer, leading to dust stuck behind the screen and gummed up motherboards, causing the computer to run slow and/or overheat.”

Unfortunately for Apple, plans for a class action lawsuit can’t be good news, especially when Hagens Berman is involved. The same law firm has started a series of similar legal fights against the company, including for iPhone throttling.

Its biggest win was the victory it gained in court against Apple over price fixing in the iBooks store, with Cupertino required to pay no less than $450 million in damages.

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