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Antigone Davis, Facebook's Global Head of Safety, states in a post on the company's newsroom website that the social network added new anti-harassment and anti-bullying tools for users to better control their experience.

As stated by Davis, Facebook added comment moderation tools designed to make it easier for people who want to either hide or delete comments which have bullying and harassment intentions using each post's options menu.

The comment moderation feature is already included on the desktop and Android  Facebook platforms, with the iOS app to also get it in the next few months.

Facebook users can also report harassment and bullying incidents where their friends or family members were targeted.

This would trigger an immediate review of the post where it happened by the Community Operations team to decide if the reported comments break any of the community standards.

Facebook added extra tools to help private individuals and young public figures to protect themselves against harassment

Besides comment moderation and reporting, Facebook also implemented a new way to appeal decisions where accounts are affected by bullying or harassment reports, giving anyone the chance to ask for a second review.

Facebook also implemented new report tools which provide young public figures with protection against harassment from other Facebook users, which as in the case of private individuals will be reviewed by the Community Operations team.

Facebook bullies can also be ignored anonymously and blocked without them being notified about it, and the extra harassment tools for young public figures will be extended to all ages in the coming weeks.

Moreover, Facebook recently announced a partnership with the US National Parent Teachers Association on September 12 which will organize 200 community events also focused on bullying prevention, but this time in real life.

Further details on how you can use the newly added moderation and reporting tools to protect yourself from online bullying and harassment are available on Facebook's Bullying Prevention Hub.

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