“Gilmore Girls” Revival Picked Up by Netflix

Limited series will include four 90-minute episodes

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The waiting to get the proper closure with the “Gilmore Girls” is now officially over: Netflix has picked up the series for a limited revival, and work is already underway to bring it to the small screen as soon as possible, TV Line has learned.

The series ended in 2007 after a very successful run, but the final season was a letdown for fans and actors alike. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn’t involved in that one, which made her speak against it because she felt it hadn’t stayed true to the nature of the show.  

“Gilmore Girls” is coming back, will get proper closure

Perhaps more vocal than Sherman-Palladino was Lauren Graham, who was very unhappy with the way the story ended for her Lorelai. Both never made a secret of their hope that a movie (for television or the big screen) or some kind of reunion would set right all these wrongs.

It’s finally happening, the trade publication reports. Even better, all the big players from the original are on board on principle, though some cast members are still to sign on the dotted line for their deals.

The limited revival series will include four 90-minute episodes / mini-movies, off a script by Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino.

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson have already been approached and expressed their interest in reprising their original roles, the report says.

Doing the material justice

In June this year, the cast of the hit series reunited for the show’s 15th anniversary. At the time, they didn’t say anything about this revival, either because it wasn’t happening yet or because they weren’t at liberty to do so, but they did say they were still hoping for something to happen to do justice to the material.

Graham again promised fans that whatever reunion was ever made would be right for the story, unlike what happened in the final season.

Sherman-Palladino vouched for that, too: “It would have to be the right everything - the right format, the right timing. If it ever happened, I promise we’ll do it correctly.”

The right “everything” is now, thanks to Netflix, who must have been paying close attention to the kind of interest all “Gilmore Girls”-related talk generates online.

The truth is that, after all these years, it’s still considered one of the best family series ever, so this limited revival series is just the thing to give it an ending everyone will be satisfied with.

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