In 2015, Taylor Swift Made Over $1 Million (€883,599) a Day

New album + new tour = $317.8 million (€280.7 million)

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It pays to be Taylor Swift, and no, this isn’t just a way of saying that being Taylor Swift can be awesome. It really pays to be her: the pop star is slowly but surely cementing her reputation as one of the most lucrative entertainers in the world, having made more than $1 million (€883,599) a day in 2015.

That is, every. single. day. of the year so far, The Express reports.

Taylor Swift is bringing in the cold hard cash

Sure, this isn’t a performance that she can replicate annually, but it’s impressive nonetheless: Taylor released a new album in 2015, her first foray into pure pop music, “1989.” We’re working under the assumption that she won’t be able or won’t want to put out a new album every year, so this kind of success is not something she can depend on.

“1989” sold a record 1.2 million copies in its first week alone, so that means that it had Taylor rolling in money instantly. A few months after the release, Taylor set out on the road to support it, with the 1989 World Tour, which is still happening as we speak.

Add to that investment deals and, drawing the line, so far in 2015, Taylor has generated a gross of $317.8 million (€280.7 million), the report says. Obviously, this kind of cash doesn’t go straight into her bank account, but the impressive figure is enough to illustrate the kind of star power she has and how immensely successful she’s become.

If you had anymore doubts, this new information should do away with them: Taylor Swift is ruling the world in music right now.

So maybe being called calculating and money-oriented isn’t such a bad thing now, is it?

Taylor and her good-girl image

In recent interviews, Taylor took issue with the fact that many reports describe her as calculating and money-oriented, with the possible implication that she’s not making music for the love of the art but because she’s looking to get rich.

The reason she took a public stand against such descriptions (though they are, by the looks of it, quite accurate) is that they go against the image of herself she’s trying to push in the media: that of a good, girlie girl, who chills with her girlfriends and her cats, who cooks and bakes for friends, and who would never bother about the financial aspect of her activity because she’s too “girlie” for it.

Well, the figures pretty much prove that this is not the case. Good for her, her fans are probably thinking.

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