New audio driver possibly fixing version 1809 issues

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Intel's new drivers are shipped to Windows 10 64-bit
   Intel's new drivers are shipped to Windows 10 64-bit

Intel has just rolled out new graphics drivers for Windows 10, and a new audio driver that possibly fixes issues in the October 2018 Update are also included.

The new drivers, version, are aimed at Intel’s 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Core processors with Intel HD and Iris Graphics. Intel Core M, Pentium, and Celeron chips are also included in this release, with support for Intel HD Graphics 500, 505, 510, 515, 600, and 605.

First and foremost, the biggest change in this new driver update is the addition of support for Football Manager 2019, which was released earlier this month.

At the same time, it comes with further game performance improvements and optimizations for other titles, Vulkan memory optimizations, and display quality refinements in multi-display setups.

Fixes and known issues

In terms of fixes, there are revisions for a wide range of games, but also changes that are specifically aimed at Windows 10 users.

Intel says it has corrected a stereo 3D issue that may not work since Windows 10 April 2018 Update. At the same time, there’s a known issue that could cause Windows advanced display settings to show incorrect bit-depth on some primary monitors, thus leading to inaccurate colors.

“This driver also introduces performance improvements for Microsoft WinML-based applications on 7th Generation Intel Core processors and higher, by including an initial set of DirectML MetaCommands on supported platforms. These driver optimizations bring a substantial speedup to machine learning and AI-enabled applications that require certain types of convolution or matrix multiply operations,” Intel explains.

The new update also comes with Intel Display Audio Driver version, and although no specifics were provided, it’s believed it fixes issues hitting Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Last month, it was discovered that Intel audio drivers blocked the upgrade to this Windows 10 version on some PCs, and this update could resolve the bug.

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