Jennifer Garner Forgives Ben Affleck, Gives Marriage Another Try

“She made a big mistake in letting him go”

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their separation after 10 years of marriage last June, but as of the time of writing, they’re yet to file for divorce. In turn, this left plenty of room for media speculation about a possible reconciliation.

Star Magazine is now saying that it’s already happened. Insiders close to the couple claim that they’ve been in couples therapy since the announcement and have finally made serious progress. In fact, they made so much of it that they’re already back together, determined to put more time and effort into their marriage.

Garner made married life a living hell for Affleck

The marriage went off the rails after Ben started an affair with the kids’ nanny, who would later sell all the details of her story to the press. He even slept with her during a recent family trip to the Bahamas, which was supposed to be his and Jennifer’s last chance to decide if they still made sense as a couple.

Rumor has it that the day Garner found out about the cheating was the day she was on the phone with her publicist, planning the separation announcement that went out the next.

The nanny scandal came after years of bad press for Affleck, with rumors of boozing, a gambling and infidelity making headlines on a regular basis.

Still, Star reports, it was Garner’s fault that Ben started cheating on her. She would always scold him for going out with the guys and enjoying himself over drinks, and she would always make him feel as if he wasn’t good enough for her.

Even though they went to therapy while married, he never found the courage to tell her all this. Life was like “walking on eggshells” around her, the report continues.

Garner was wrong, she knows it now

After the separation, they continued in therapy, but something had changed for the better. For the first time in years, he communicated with her and she actually listened, the usual unnamed but admittedly reliable sources reveal.

It took Jennifer a few months, but she understood where she had been wrong before.

“Jen has realized she’s never going to find anyone as great as Ben,” one such source says. “Sure, he has his issues, but she says he’s still the kindest, smartest man she’s ever met, and she made a big mistake in letting him go.”

As the report would have it, Jennifer and Ben are officially back together, ready to put all talk of divorce aside for good.

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