Johnny Depp Pranks Wife Amber Heard on Overhaulin’ Show

Amber gets classic Mustang refurbished, dissolves in tears

Oct 29, 2015 16:10 GMT  ·  By  · 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be featured on one of the final four episodes of Overhaulin’ on Velocity, and teasers released so far promise quite an exciting show. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see an A-lister help pull off a hilarious prank of his wife.

The episode will focus on Amber’s classic Mustang, which has fallen into disrepair and has even been stolen a couple of times. Depp and his father-in-law join forces to prank Amber before she gets it refurbished, tricking her into thinking the police officers she called to investigate the car’s disappearance are more focused on selfies than on actually solving the case.

The video below shows Amber growing increasingly frustrated with the cops, flipping them and refusing to believe that they would ask for selfies when they’re in an official capacity.

It also shows the moment she finds out the whole thing had been a prank, put together by her husband and her father.

Too Fab has another video from the episode at the link, with Amber’s reaction when she gets back the car in mint condition. Her reaction isn’t the kind you’d expect from a celebrity of her caliber, as she actually breaks down in tears of joy when she sees the beauty in front of her.

“I bought it as kind of a drivable piece of junk,” she says at one point. “The car cost me every dime I had.” Which would explain her emotional reaction to the upgrade: that Mustang is more than a car to her.

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