Edge for iOS now supports loading desktop versions of sites

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Microsoft Edge for mobile devices
   Microsoft Edge for mobile devices

Microsoft has made it a priority to improve its apps regardless of the platform, and rolling out new features on iOS and Android is part of this effort.

Most recently, the software giant released a new beta update for Microsoft Edge on iOS, the company’s very own browser that can run on Apple devices.

Available as part of the TestFlight app on iPhones, Edge is thus reaching version 42.7.3 on iOS, coming with a feature that would certainly come in handy to many users.

Microsoft Edge can now load the desktop version of websites, a feature that’s already available in several other mobile browsers on both Android and iOS.

For Edge users, however, this is quite an important improvement, and they can now choose between mobile and desktop versions of each page they visit.

The purpose of this feature

Why is this important? you may ask. Loading the desktop version of a website can be the only way to go if webmasters haven’t released mobile versions of their sites or if they lack certain functionality that would otherwise be available on the desktop. Even if a desktop version may not be rendered correctly on a mobile device, and sometimes zooming in is necessary to see the content, it could be a workaround for accessing features that are missing in the mobile version.

At this point, this option in Microsoft Edge is only available for beta testers, but there’s no doubt that sooner or later, Microsoft will bring it to everyone on iOS.

The new feature supports setting as default a particular website loading mode, which means that the entire browsing session can send a request for a specific version when connecting to servers.

There’s no ETA as to when the public rollout could happen, but users can try it out right now from the TestFlight app on iOS.

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