The final release is expected on January 29, 2019

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Firefox 65 beta
   Firefox 65 beta

A new major Firefox version is expected to land at the end of January 2019 with some interesting changes and new features as Mozilla continues to improve the security and reliability of its open-source web browser.

That's right, we're talking here about Firefox 65, the next major release of the popular open-source web browser used by millions of computer and mobile users worldwide. With the Firefox 65 release, Mozilla adds support for the WebP image format for all platforms, the ability to change the UI's display language in the Options page, as well as AV1 video codec support for Window users.

macOS users would be happy to learn that with the Firefox 65 release they'll be able to continue browsing from their iPhone or iPad devices on their Macs as this release supports the Handoff feature. There's also good news for Linux users as they will finally be able to switch tabs by scrolling in the tab bar. Also, Windows users can now install Firefox using an MSI installer.

Firefox 65 brings enhanced security for Linux, Android, and macOS

To help ensure the security of our digital lives, Mozilla is adding an extra layer of security to the Linux, Android, and macOS platforms by implementing an enhanced stack smashing protection in Firefox 65, which will be enabled by default for all users. Additionally, Firefox 65 comes with an updated Content Blocking section in the Privacy & Security panel and much simpler blocking options in Control Center's Options page.

Among other noteworthy improvements coming to the Firefox 65 web browser, we can mention the ability to set Firefox to warn you when closing the window even if it's configured to automatically restore the last browsing session on the next launch, as well as support for reporting the memory usage for each resource in the updated Task Manager page that's accessible if you type about:performance in the address bar.

The Firefox 65 release also comes with some new features and improvements for web developers, such as a new Flexbox inspector tool capable of detecting and highlighting Flexbox containers and debug the size of Flex items, support for the Storage Access API on all supported desktop platforms, as well as the ability to track all CSS changes made in the Rules panel via the new Changes tab.

The final Mozilla Firefox 65 release is expected to hit the streets for all supported platforms, including Linux, Android, Windows, and macOS, at the end of the month, on January 29th. As usual, it will be a free, incremental OTA (Over-the-Air) update for all users, but if you can't wait until then, you can try out the latest beta version for Linux, Mac, and Windows right now from our free software portal.

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