Sophia Loren Shades the Younger Generation for Plastic Surgery, Selfie Obsession

“My era of Hollywood was much better,” she declares

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81-year-old timeless beauty icon Sophia Loren has no love for today’s younger generation of celebrities who achieve fame through plastic surgery and by giving in to their selfie obsession. In a new interview cited by NY Post’s Page Six, the actress declares that her “era of Hollywood was much better.”

Though Loren doesn’t name any names in her statement (which sounds like something she would never do, by the way), celebrity pundits believe she’s pointing her finger at Kim Kardashian and her ilk, who have achieved status of international “icons” even though they have no discernible talent they could market.

“These young girls need to be more careful”

In recent years, Loren has been very outspoken against plastic surgery, even admitting in an interview that, as she was getting started in the industry, she was told (urged, more like it) to fix her nose or risk not having a career at all.

She resisted and decided to defy the odds, only to become one of the most appreciated beauty icons on the big screen.

Rumor has it that she too had some kind of work done in later years, but if she did, she never owned up to it. This allows her today to speak against excessive plastic surgery, especially done with a doctor who doesn’t know his or her stuff too well.

“These young girls really need to be more careful and selective of what they are doing to their bodies and their faces. I mean, you do not know for sure if you are going to a good doctor... you can end up looking worse than what you thought you originally were,” she says.

She’s harsher when it comes to social media and how it’s enabling everyone to be famous for more than the infamous 15 minutes.

“In my time, an actress’ merit and skill was based on her talent. Now when people meet me, they pull out their phones to take pictures. I do not know much about social media, but it seems that that’s what makes people more famous. My era of Hollywood was much better - you were known for your skill and talent,” Loren says, adding that she considers herself “lucky” to have lived then and not now.

Loren makes a good point

Even assuming Loren did get some work sometime in the ‘80s or the ‘90s, as reports would have it, she still makes an excellent point about plastic surgery: you need to be selective about the procedures and not jump on a new trend without proper consideration.

If not, you run the very high risk of regretting your rash decision, and there are plenty of cases of that happening, if you think about it.

She also makes an excellent point about our celebrity- and selfie-obsessed culture, which is in stark contrast with the one she had coming up. Many would agree with her that the old way was better, but that’s debatable.

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