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Twitter announced in a post on the company's blog that starting October 1st, 2018, they will make updates to the platform's rules, improve the detection of spam and bot accounts and the enforcement of all regulations, as well as changes to the user experience according to user feedback.

As stated in the company's press release, as part of the product developments they announced, they added a support portal specifically for electoral institutions designed to allow Twitter to react as fast as possible in cases of critical election-related issues.

Twitter will also remind all election candidates to have two-factor authentication enabled on their accounts as an extra layer of protection against hackers who would want to compromise their accounts.

As part of the detection and enforcement improvements announced on Monday, Twitter will also continue to keep a close eye on all accounts which share misleading election-related content.

According to Twitter, the social network has removed 50 accounts which misrepresented themselves as being part of the Republican party, as well as reacted to deceptive tweets containing media with incorrect party affiliation info.

Twitter increased its election integrity efforts by cracking down on misleading content and fake accounts

There's also an ongoing collaboration with both the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and with various other election institutions to improve the way Twitter reacts to election-related misuse of accounts.

Moreover, Twitter removed 770 accounts which were observed to act suspiciously as a whole, with the users behind them originating from Iran.

Twiter's automated detection algorithms were able to single out millions of bot and spam accounts per week, with around 9.4 million of them being detected every week during the first of September 2018.

As reported in the blog post, Twitter will also focus more on identifying and remove fake accounts that exhibit various types of inauthentic activity violating the platform's rules and on enforcing rules on all accounts associated with an entity known to have broken Twitter's rules.

Last but not least, Twitter will also make it a mission out of stopping the distribution of hacked materials, as well as hacking threats and public calls to action to compromise accounts or people.

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