Sales in the wearables market improved 21.7%

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Q3 data for sales of wearables
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   Q3 data for sales of wearables

Xiaomi is now the company leading the wearables market thanks to no less than 90.9% year-over-year growth, according to new data provided by IDC.

The wearables market has reached 32 million sold units in the third quarter of 2018, and this represents an increase of 21.7% from the same quarter the year before.

Unsurprisingly, the same companies continue to top the charts, only that this time, Xiaomi has managed to secure the leading spot thanks to impressive performance not only in China, but also elsewhere.

Previously, China accounted for more than 80% of Xiaomi’s sales, but IDC says the home market dropped to 61% because the company managed to expand in a series of other countries like India, Europe, and the Middle East thanks to products like the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi sold a total of 6.9 million units in the third quarter of the year, up from 3.6 million units in the same quarter of 2017. This means the company now holds a share of 21.5%.

Apple Watch Series 4 not yet making a difference

Apple, on the other hand, is the runner-up with 13.1% share and 4.2 million sold units, up from 2.7 million units in Q3 2017. IDC notes that Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 4 launched towards the end of the quarter and its impact on overall sales is still small.

“The new design and sizes along with the latest version of Watch OS were welcome changes though the latest series only accounted for less than 20% of all Apple Watch shipments. The reduced price on the still affable Series 3 accounted for the majority of Apple's shipments during the quarter,” it says.

Fitbit is third overall in the wearables market, but second when it comes to smartwatches, and the Versa is the model that propelled the company to the runner-up seat. Fitbit sold 3.5 million units during the quarter, down slightly from 3.6 million units in Q3 2017.

Samsung is fifth in the charts with just 1.8 million sold units, right after Huawei which shipped a total of 1.9 million wearables.

Q3 data for sales of wearables

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Q3 data for sales of wearables
Q3 data for sales of wearables
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