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Elementari icon An online solution to build stories with multiple endings and to design the layout using a variety of illustrations, images, and sounds.

Elementari is a browser-based app that helps you create interactive stories using beautiful illustrations, animated characters, backgrounds, music, and sound effects. Add text and customize its look with various fonts, sizes, and colors, define many possible endings and let readers select any option they want to become deeply involved in your tale. Publish the final draft, share it on social media networks or embed it on a website.

After completing the account set up operation, start working on your first project and design the cover page of the upcoming story. Formulate a captivating title, change its font, color, alignment, and opacity, then use shadows and strokes to emphasize the text.

Access the right-side panel to insert a background picture and just drag and drop the illustration that best fits the message you intend to deliver. Repeat the action to add more images to the background, insert animated objects and attach music or sound effects from the gallery.

The next step is to tell the story gradually. Add one page at a time and communicate the message using titles, subtitles, and multiple lines. Include backgrounds, text, pictures, characters, animations, shapes, sounds and music, but do not combine too many elements within a page and make it difficult to read.

Furthermore, the app integrates an “Event Graph” section that you may launch on each page, after designing the layout and define the actions following a series of conditions. Record narration and play it on page start, hear a sound effect or a musical composition after some seconds, insert animated characters and make them jump, run or walk. In addition to that, you can include two or more buttons on a specific page and enable users to read a different sequel when they pick one of the options.

When finishing the creative process, preview the story to see if some corrections are necessary, then share it with the community.

Bottom Line

Elementari is a web-based tool that offers an extensive collection of backgrounds, illustrations, characters, music and text formatting options to let you easily design and publish interactive stories. Use animations, insert sound effects and create multiple endings to invite readers to choose the sequel they want.

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Elementari was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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