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Monday icon Manage projects and people using this browser-based app, assign tasks and supervise their progress to make sure the team achieves its goals.

Monday is a project management online tool that aims to help teams not only control their workload and meet deadlines using tasks, missions or to-dos but also to communicate with colleagues and customers inside a visual and intuitive board.

During the setting up process, the app asks you to reveal the crew’s name and to specify the number of members, along with the field of activity. Afterward, you should invite teammates to work together, enter their email addresses and give them, if appropriate, owner roles.

Start the effective implementation of the software by creating a new board and select one of the available templates or build it from scratch. Write a board description to provide additional information about the work done there and choose a meaningful title for each section to unveil how you decided to organize the activities, such as “This Week,” “Next Week” or “Next Month.”

You can use a board to manage a single project, insert there all the tasks, missions and to-dos assigned to colleagues, set up priorities, fix the deadlines, estimate the completion time and track their progress.

Likewise, the app lets you operate a board to track everything your teammates carry out, verify who is working on which task and on which project, observe their progress and make sure all goes according to the plan. Click on the first cell in a row to open a panel where you may write an update, view the activity log, attach necessary files or initiate a Q&A list.

Invite customers to work as guests, enabling them to witness the real-time evolution to feel involved in the process of executing their project, and reduce the number of meetings, phone calls and emails.

Bottom Line

Monday is a web-based app designed to help teams track every project, task or activity they work on within a single board that you can choose from a collection of templates or customize it entirely. The project management software enables you to oversee every workflow, access notes, files and Q&A lists to get the necessary information, communicate with colleagues and clients, receive notifications and meet all deadlines.

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