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Rememble icon Bring together all the pictures, videos and text messages that are important to you and present your biography through these elements.

Rememble is a straightforward browser-based app that helps you gather in a single place a diversity of digital items, such as images, videos, audio files, texts, and notes, combine them in the right order to show personal stories, and keep the timeline private or share it with friends.

After creating the account, it displays a slightly jammed profile page, and users can not only edit personal data there, to provide details about their interests, favorite movies, sites, books, and music, but also find information about the app’s primary features. The same section presents, likewise, a getting started guide with several recommended steps that netizens may close to free up the visual space.

The online software operates with the concept of “memble,” which designates all photos, videos, emails and text messages added from your PC, phone or email. Click the “+ Add membles” button on the upper right side of the window and upload any image, video or audio file you wish, choose a name for that item, enter some tags, specify the date and write an optional comment. Next, select if you want to keep it private or share it with all friends and even with unknown people.

The personal timeline can also include SMS, emails and notes. Add each element manually and fill in all the appropriate boxes or choose to upload the data from your phone or by email.

Afterward, click “My Membeline” button to see all your digital traces in chronological order, browse left or right, and use the zoom function to view more details. Edit items, insert comments, attach labels, and delete them from the timetable, if necessary.

Bottom Line

Rememble aims to make use of the everyday digital pieces that we generate while interacting with communication technology and redefine, this way, the elementary diary. The web app enables users to upload pictures, videos, audio files, text messages, and emails, organize them in time order to create a flowing story and share the content with the entire world.

Included in the free version

  • Texts per month: Unlimited
  • Images per month: 90
  • Videos per month: 30
  • Membles on screen: 1000
  • Create how many groups?: 3

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Rememble was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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