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Zoho SalesIQ icon Track and engage with your site’s visitors using this online platform that enables you to analyze their web path and come with the necessary support.

Zoho SalesIQ is a browser-based app that provides an easy-to-implement live chat solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you gather information about the behavior of your website’s users and interact with visitors in real-time to convert them into customers.

To begin using this online software, you must copy and paste an automatically generated code in all the pages of your website, before the closing </body> tag. Check the “Add Live Chat” option displayed below the code if you want to add the live chat widget on the site and read the installation tutorials available for platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify and more, to learn about this operation.

The app can let you track visitors and find out the source from where they reach to the website, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Furthermore, each visitor has a unique ID that reveals his or her country and helps to separate new visitors from returning ones.

You may discover the page currently accessed by every visitor and the total number of pages viewed by each one of them during the ongoing visit. Besides all this, the software enables you to observe the time spent by each user on the website and the period that passed between the last and the current visit.

Deploy the live chat feature to help visitors discuss in real-time with one of your employees, grant quicker access to the knowledge base through FAQs or other useful articles, and determine them to make a purchase decision faster. Redesign the chat widget to match your website’s branding, select a color theme, add a welcome message and insert a company logo.

To improve sales performances and the quality of customer support, you must analyze the daily and monthly reports delivered into your inbox. This way you can monitor the average response time of each employee, see how many conversations they accepted and missed, identify top agents and get details about unique visitors.

Bottom Line

Zoho SalesIQ is a web-based app designed to help business owners track their website’s visitors, identify their geographic location and monitor how they interact with the pages in real-time. The software also enables sales representatives to interact with current and potential customers using the live chat feature to provide the requested support and encourage a buying decision.

Included in the free version

  • 2 operators included
  • Track and engage with 5K visitors/month
  • Add SalesIQ on 1 website
  • Mobile Support
  • 100 chat sessions / month
  • 30 days storage

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